Exhibition Announcement ‘What We Wear’ at ‘BCAC’ Beijing

The photo project: ‘What We Wear’ will be on show at Beijing Cultural Art Centre ‘BCAC’ in Beijing, China. The exhibition is part of an EU-funded series under the theme of “Arts and Human Rights in China and the EU”.

Date: 11 May – 11 June, 2016.
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Exhibition announcement ‘The Emergency Aid Machine’ at ‘Humanity House’ The Hague

The photo project ‘The Emergency Aid Machine’ will be on show at the Humanity House in The Hague, The Netherlands. When a disaster hits, emergency aid is often provided within a few hours. If you donate money to an aid organization, it is directly converted to blankets and food in a disaster area. But how does that work, exactly? And how can it be done better? These are the questions photographer Pieter van den Boogert and journalist Maite Vermeulen researched for online journalism platform De Correspondent.

Van den Boogert and Vermeulen conceived of emergency aid as a machine, with cogs turning all over the world. During a disaster, the machine runs at full speed, but even in more quiet times the machine sputters – in preparation of the next disaster, or in the aftermath of a previous one.

For this project they visited nine countries to map all the clogs of the emergency aid machine. They started far away from the chaos, at the offices where emergency aid is organized (in Brussels, Geneva, Rome and The Hague). Next, they looked at the logistics of emergency aid: warehouses full of emergency goods, waiting for the next disaster (in Dubai, Brussels, Schiphol and Brindisi). They then considered the aid machine when it was on stand-by, preparing for a new disaster, for instance by simulating disasters, or reinforcing buildings (in Estonia, the Netherlands, Nepal and the United States). Finally, they explored the aftermath of a disaster (in the Philippines and Haïti): how does an affected country scramble back up on its feet?

This exhibition shows the exact ways in which the world provides emergency aid to those in need.

Date: 12 February 2015 to 31 December 2015
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The Emergency Aid Machine was made possible by the Fund Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten and the Postcode Lottery Fund for Journalists of Free Press Unlimited. 

Exhibition announcement ‘What We Wear’ at ‘Humanity House’ The Hague

The photo project: ‘What We Wear’ will be on show at ‘Humanity House’ in The Hague, The Netherlands. The exhibition functions in the side program of the ‘Fair Fashion Lab’ exhibition. Fair Fashion Lab presents six striking approaches that demonstrate the power of design, art and technology in the search for unusual and surprising solutions to problems in the clothing industry. In addition, Humanity House wants to engage in dialogue with the clothing industry and with exhibition visitors. Six renowned and talented designers and artists each occupy a space in the lab where they can trigger visitors and set them to work with solutions for sustainable and fair fashion.

Date: 29 March 2014 to 31 December 2014
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The Photobook: A History Volume III

The book: What We Wear is included in The Photobook: A History Volume III by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger. This third volume brings the history of the photobook up to date, with specific exploration of postwar and contemporary examples. The book is divided into 9 thematic chapters, each featuring general introductory text providing background information and highlighting the dominant political and artistic influences on the photobook in the period, followed by more detailed discussion of the individual photobooks. The introductory chapter texts are followed by spreads and images from over 200 books, which provide the central means of telling the history of the photobook. Chosen by Parr and Badger, these illustrations show the most artistically and culturally important photobooks in three dimensions, with the cover or jacket and a selection of spreads from the book shown.

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“New Photography Artist of the Year” Lianzhou Foto Festival 2013

The festival committee of this years “Lianzhou Foto Festival” in China pointed out Pieter van den Boogert as the “New Artist of the Year” with his photographic series “What We Wear”.

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